Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Survey of child rag pickers being organised by KKPKP


All member Organisations,

Action for Rights of Child, Pune

Dear All,

Greetings from KKPKP

This letter is in continuation with the discussion we had about about KKPKP’s Child labour Campaign with the ARC coordinator and convenor.

As you are aware KKPKP has been engaged in organizing waste collectors of Pune City. We have total membership of 6200 in KKPKP. The members of KKPKP had taken an oath several years ago to their children to school and not to pick waste. Since then we have seen drastic reduction in child labour in waste picking industry. KKPKP was also involved with other groups in India to ban child labour in waste collecting. The law considers Waste collecting as a hazardous industry and not suitable for children to work in this situation.

Unfortunately we still see children collecting waste, although the number is much smaller. We estimate around 200 children compared to thousands of children a decade ago.

We are conducting a three day survey and doing a month long intensive Campaign to identify all the child labourers in waste industry in Pune city and provide them with alternatives.

We have three-pronged approach to do this rapid survey/Campaign:

1.A three day city wide survey once in the morning and once late afternoon with the participation of student and citizen’s volunteers

2.An intensive campaign with Scrap Dealers to participating to end child labour in waste industry

3.A hotline that will be taking calls from citizens who will call us if they find child labours in waste picking industry.

If some of the member organisations could participate in the three day intensive survey that would be very helpful. We can also the further details of the campaign in the next scheduled meeting of ARC.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and please feel to call me for any more information you may need.

In Solidarity.

Shabana Diler



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