Thursday, September 20, 2007

observations on working group - Waiting for comments

Working group members who are going to be meeting/talking to heads of
member organisations: In our meeting regarding structure yesterday,
the following role for the convener organasation was envisaged. You
could discuss this with the org. heads you meet. I have checked out
with George (tdh) that it is entirely feasible and legal, especially
so if the funding is Indian. If we get even 5 orgs on board, we are
set for 10 years!
The convener organiasation puts up ARC as a two year project under its
advocacy activities. The concept, proposal and budget will be written
for them by ARC EC and also the funding will be found by ARC. They
need not worry about finding it, just putting it up. When approved,
the org will open a separate account for the project. The project will
have in it a full time administrative-cum-documentation person, who
will be located in the org, along with her/his computer and cell
phone, for the two years, and will handle all accounting and admin
matters, documentation, organising events if any, etc. The convenor's
work will be substantially reduced as there will be four or five other
people sharing it, about which more later.
The organisation can report on the ARC programmes as part of its work
in its own annual report, as long as it is made clear that the work
done was by network members, not the org alone. ARC will of course
prepare its own comprehensive report.
The rest of the proposed structure will be presented to the GB at the
meeting on Oct.4, along with the other group reports. This particular
thing I am sending you early is to help you to discuss this
possibility with org heads.

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Action for the Rights of the Child said...

I think this is a good idea however a few points.

1. The whole premise works on the funding which is Indian... which means
then just two or three fundign agencies like CRY, Concern Unicef which in
that case then what mini says will work well.
2. If the Indian funding is a corporate sector funding then all the other
problems we spoke about again come into play ...
80G, income tax exeption, a "show" then on whole names will the receipt be
etc... if the company wants to advertise etc then is it ARC or the name in
which the 80G.. Shashi gave us some live examples about trying to raise
funds at some Tech mela..
so how does that work then,?
with Bitter chocolate we managed because Mobile creches accepted all the
money and accounted for it.